A Message from the Chairman

Throughout all our glorious history at Bolton Little Theatre, we have faced and conquered all
challenges that were put in our path, from wars, to the onset of cinema and even the live streaming
of multichannel television which we have today, but never have we had to fight an unseen and so
vicious assailant as Corona Virus (Covid 19)

At an impromptu board meeting in March, the Board of Directors of Bolton Little Theatre brought
the season to a premature close, as directed by the UK Government. A very sad yet necessary
decision to protect the wellbeing and safety of all our members and audiences alike. A decision that
will be remembered for many years to come.

As I write, the theatre is being visited and inspected weekly to ensure all is sound – it is – it is
though we just closed the doors yesterday. All the spirits of our heroes sadly taken from us are all
there, beckoning us to come back soon, “we will return soon”, I promise them.

However, we must not dwell on the now – it is what we do next, is of the most importance.
I entitled this message as “we are the theatre” because its members are the life blood of Bolton
Little Theatre, everything else is just bricks and cement piled on top of one another. We the
theatre, will have to prepare for next season, and be ready for when the doors open. The bar will
need stocking, the theatre will need deep cleaning, with all surfaces needing to be sanitised to give
our audiences the confidence to come back to a safe environment. All help will be gratefully

There is a lot to prepare for next season, and as we are “out of season” although enforced, we can
still be getting on with repair and renewals, upgrades, and replacements to equipment which was
needed prior to closure.

Our play selection committee have already planned next season, hopefully starting will ‘Allo ‘Allo
in September, therefore rehearsals will need to be started by late July, early August, hopefully the
Government will have allowed us to return by then, I am sure it will, fingers and toes crossed.
So, in the interim, try to enjoy your summer, enjoy the opportunity of being with your family, these
days will soon pass, and ironically, we will look back with rose tinted glasses, and see them with

Stay safe and well
David Smart
Chairman of Bolton Little Theatre