Acoustic Session Friday 22nd February

7pm – 10.30pm! Musicians and singers (and bands), will play in what has got to be the best sessions venue Bolton has to offer in this intimate little theatre atmosphere, invite friends and family to come and watch from the audience stalls that surround the stage.

No distractions
No glass collectors
No juke box

Set playing order
Fully Licensed separate bar
Great atmosphere
Fabulous venue

This event may be filmed or Photographed by Cam-Did Camera. (The audience are asked to give their usual consideration for this during performances)

The Theatre gives us special dispensation and allows us to take our drinks into the Studio Theatre

Admittance fee £3 (Seats are limited – we ask that everyone pay £3 on the door which goes to the upkeep of this great venue where all the staff are volunteers)

Hosted By Anthony Walsh

Helen and Steve
Don Parry
Dave Lockley
Charlotte Evans
Anthony Walsh


Cameron and Kurtis Maunder
Mike Roberts
Kevin Bates

Charlotte Kinsella
Nanooks of the North

For all questions about this evening – message Cami Walsh ( or Tony Walsh