Casting: Silent Waiter needed for “Dinner”

For our production of ‘Dinner’ by Moira Buffini we’re short of an actor to play the waiter.
This is a very dark comedy, and each act centres around one course of a dinner party attended by six guests and a hired waiter.
The waiter is silent, sinister, expressionless, efficient and clean cut. It is possibly the most challenging role as his physicality is his only expression.
He has been sourced from an obscure website and never utters a word until the very end of the play, although very early on we do hear his words in the form of the tagline from his website – “Let me hold your coat and snicker”, a reference to the eternal footman of TS Eliot’s poem ‘The love-song of J Alfred Prufrock’. Does this mean he is an avatar of death???
His age can be anything from mid 20s to 50s.
The play is on in The Forge from April 6th to 9th and rehearsals begin at the very end of this month.
Anyone who’s interested in this role can contact Simon Mott by email or phone on 07944291050.