Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 7th – 14th November 2020

by Tennessee Williams

Confronting the issue that runs through all great American drama, the conflict between truth and illusion. Set on a rich Mississippi plantation, it follows a rich family at war with itself.

Brick, an alcoholic ex-athlete, refuses to sleep with his vivacious wife, Maggie, supposedly out of guilt over the suicide of his old friend, Skipper. What Brick is unable to confront is his own, and Skipper’s, latent homosexuality. Brick’s father, a towering patriarch known as Big Daddy over whose inheritance the family squabbles, is equally unable to face up to the fact he is dying of cancer. These two illusions will meet head-on.

The play offers a social critique and rich southern humour. Finally asking, whether it is better to live by lies or the truth?