Do you want to take your drinks into the auditorium?

It does seem that BLT may now out on a limb by denying patrons the chance to take their drinks into the auditorium to consume during the progress of the show. Nearly every other theatre in the country now seems to permit this practice. It is argued that we only need to purchase a supply of plastic glasses, and possibly employ our cleaners for a few more minutes each day, for the takings at the bar to rise, and for theatre patrons to be happier.

The downside of course is the annoyance to your neighbours sitting all around you in the theatre. It might be considered bad enough having to cope with the lights on mobile devices as well as bottles of water, without having people next to you placing their beers or wines on the floor, and reaching up and down to swig the contents intermittently throughout the play.

In cinemas, patrons have come to accept after nearly a century of sales of popcorn, coke and sweets, that this is part of the cinema experience; but in the theatre, the foyer experience before the show, in the interval and after the show is the standard that most of us grew up with.

Democratically the moment may have come to relax our rules. But to what degree? What do you think? Do respond by letters, Facebook or emails to the theatre (, so that the Board has something to consider when making a decision in the coming months.