FILM: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 24 February 2018

“I see you quiver, in an-ti-ci… (Say it Frank!) …pation!”

It’s a film we’ve been asked about several times and at long last it’s arriving on our big projector screen – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Based on Richard O’Brien’s legendary musical, this cult film follows the adventures of a “normal” young couple who find themselves trapped in a spooky mansion ruled by the outrageous mad scientist Dr Frank N Furter and his randy servants Riffraff, Magenta and Columbia. Tonight Frank N Furter dreams of creating his perfect man – Rocky – and before this long night is over, nobody will ever be the same again! It’s a ribald homage to horror movies, rock n roll, comic book advertising and the sexual revolution.

Featuring classics like “Sweet Transvestite”, “Hot Patootie” and of course “The Time Warp”.

Rated Certificate PG Parental Guidance 15

Show starts at 7.30pm Tickets £10

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