Live from Worktown presents The Family Way 20 July 2018

Following on from the great success of our Spring and Port Wine screening last year, Live from Worktown conclude their celebration of local writer Bill Naughton with a showing of The Family Way. Filmed in Bolton in 1966 this earthy comedy, based on Naughton’s popular stage play All in Good Time, is now regarded as one of the key examples of the “British New Wave” in filmaking.

Married life is proving difficult for shy newlyweds Jenny and Arthur. With well meaning but interfering parents, nosy neighbours, and a bizarre run of bad luck, it’s no wonder their (non-existent) sex life is suffering. Will there ever be any good news? Can their relationship last?

Starring John Mills, Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, Liz Fraser, Barry Foster, and Murray Head. Music composed by Paul McCartney and arranged by George Martin. Directed by the Boutling Brothers.

More details to follow soon.