Measure for Measure 9th – 16th November 2019

by William Shakespeare
Abridged and adapted by Peter Scofield

The state of Vienna — though it could be anywhere — has fallen into decay. Lenient government has resulted in corruption, vice and near anarchy. The Duke, seeking to restore morality, law and order, leaves, appointing his deputy. Angelo imposes strict law enforcement, including an ancient statute forbidding sex before marriage. When lsabella’s brother is condemned to death, she is forces to plead for his life. Angelo demands a high price, her virginity, pursuing the very thing he condemns in others. Disguised as a monk , the Duke not only observes the extent of corruption and depravity in Vienna, but also intervenes in the troubled lives of his subjects.

Performances start 7.30pm at Bolton Little Theatre Hanover Street Mon-Sat, and 2pm for the Sunday matinee. Special Monday night offer of 3 for 2. Group bookings 10+ £9.00 (please book through the theatre Box Office) Wheelchair space available (please book through the theatre Box Office).
You can book at Bolton Little Theatre box office in person or by telephone on Monday night from 7.30 to 9pm and Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12 noon. You can book during the run of the plays, or you can book online at or through this website using the links below. Tickets can be e-tickets (no charge) mobile phone ticket (50p) standard post (£1.50)

Tickets £10 each

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