Murder at Warrabah House 1 September 2017

By May Jasper and Sam Wilson

What secrets would you keep? Where would you hide? What would you do to protect the ones you love?

Truly Outrageous Productions present the English premier of ‘Murder at Warrabah House’, by May Jasper and Sam Wilson

“The writing is tight and sophisticated” – Roe Lane,

It’s 1935 – Hattie Parish has received a letter from a budding author. Seven years have passed since the fateful weekend at Warrabah House, and the letter’s author is keen to hear Hattie’s account of both the crime, and how it was solved. Can Hattie bring herself to reveal the truth?

Witness this extraordinary tale as one superb actress brings Hattie, her brother Arthur and all the residents of Warrabah House to life in thisintriguing tale. Often dramatic, sometimes humorous, and always enthralling, we invite you to spend an hour in Hattie’s company as our Bolton summer fades into autumn.

Both an homage to and a pastiche of Golden Age Detective Fiction, this Australian twist on the country house mystery will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Tickets £8.

Friday 1 September 2017

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