Phoenix Theatre Company presents London Suite 2nd – 5th June 2021

by Neil Simon

America’s premier comic playwright gives you 4 hilarious one-act comedies, all set in the same suite of a deluxe London hotel… a sedate place until these characters check in!

Settling Accounts: BRIAN is a successful writer; BILLY is his manager and handles his money. After taking little interest in what happens to his money for some years, Brian has discovered all is not as it should be and confronts Billy face to face.

Going Home: LAUREN and her mother SHERYL are in London shopping. Lauren is attempting to persuade Sheryl to spend their last night in Europe on a date with an English gentleman with whom they have struck up an acquaintance.

Diana and Sidney: DIANA is a successful TV actress, on a promotional tour of Europe to promote a hit series in which she is starring. While in London, she meets with SIDNEY, her ex-husband, who lives on Mykonos (a Greek island) with a younger man. Sidney has come to ask her for money, and although it is some time since they were married, there remains a good deal of affection between them.

The Man on the Floor: MARK and ANNIE are in London to go to Wimbledon, but cannot find their precious tickets. Things go from bad to worse when Mark’s back seizes up and he is immobilised, only for the hotel’s Associate Manager to arrive to inform them they have been given the wrong suite, and must move to make way for Kevin Costner.