Sing As We Go Saturday 16th October 2021

Two classics of British cinema, both partly shot in Bolton, will be screened at Bolton Little Theatre on Saturday 16 October 2021 at 2.30pm

The 1934 feature Sing As We Go! Stars Lancashire-born Gracie Fields and includes scenes shot in Bolton and Blackpool. When the textile mill closes, Gracie Platt (Gracie Fields) is put out of work. So the spirited lass heads to Blackpool and takes on a series of jobs, having misadventures all the way. Can her charm and grit help her make a new decent life for herself? Also starring John Loder and Stanley Holloway. Written by J.B. Priestley and produced and directed by Basil Dean.

In true Saturday matinee style,the feature film will be preceded by a short, Humphrey Jennings’s Spare Time. Inspired by Mass Observation and its ‘Worktown’ project, Jennings’s 1939 documentary looks at the leisure activities of coal, steel and cotton communities across Britain, with footage from Sheffield, Manchester and Pontypridd as well as Bolton.

The event is hosted by the Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive: 1930s Britain and Beyond (CMDA), a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and based across Lancaster University, the University of Glasgow University, and Queen Mary University of London. The project’s chief aim is to make the Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain archive easily and freely accessible to members of the public for the very first time, in the form of an online digital archive. A number of interviews, letters, memorabilia and other materials relating to Bolton and its cinemas (along with other areas of Britain) can already be accessed on our website, with more being added frequently –

Alongside the films, there will be short introductory talks from experts from Bolton and beyond,  and archival materials relating to Bolton and its cinemagoing history- including items from CMDA’s and Live From Worktown’s own collections – will be on display in the theatre’s Forge studio

The event begins at 2.30pm.
Free Admission but booking recommended to guarantee a seat.

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