Cider with Rosie 22nd – 27th June 2020

by Laurie Lee, adapted by James Roose Evans.
Show dates: Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th June 2020

Laurie Lee’s autobiographical novel, adapted for the stage by James Roose-Evans, is an account of the author’s blissful childhood in a isolated Cotswold village. It evokes the simplicity and innocence of a vanished, rural world. Rich in the book’s evocative descriptions of country life, the play’s narration re-creates incidents of a young boy’s life that are sometimes comic, sometimes nostalgic, but all percipient of a world that would shortly be changed forever by the First World War.

There will be a signed BSL performance on Tuesday 23rd June.

Performances start 7.30pm at Bolton Little Theatre Hanover Street Mon-Sat. Monday night 3 for 2. Group bookings 10+ £9.00 (please book through the theatre Box Office) Wheelchair space available (please book through the theatre Box Office).
You can book at Bolton Little Theatre box office in person or by telephone on Monday night from 7.30 to 9pm and Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12 noon. You can book during the run of the plays, or you can book online at or through this website using the links below. Tickets can be e-tickets (no charge) mobile phone ticket (50p) standard post (£1.50)

Tickets £10 each

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