Dick Barton: Special Agent – Readthrough

On 14th June at Bolton Little Theatre starting at 7:30pm.

A hilarious comedy – very cartoon comic strip humour for all the family to enjoy. Directed by David Smart.

So that the theatre can remain Covid compliant – please arrive at the theatre with a face mask – and after sanitising your hands you will be invited to the reading room within the theatre. Thanks.

Our very good friend Mr. Paul Cohen, will be coming along to the theatre to take us through some of the musical numbers in “Dick Barton” Special Agent – it`ll be a fun night, all are welcome to come along and join in – followed by the 2nd read through of the script – after that evening the production will be cast!

Character Doubling Up

Dick Barton / Snowy – Very comic cartoon character secret agent / Loyal friend to Barton.
Jock – Another very loyal side kick to Barton – (Scottish accent a must)
Marta / Daphne – Dominatrix lounge singer baddy / Very English Barton`s side kick)
Baron Scarheart – A very comic evil Cape swirling baddy
BBC Announcer / Colonel – Very well spoken
MC / Sir Stanley / Lady Laxington – a fun part – with a touch of cross dressing
Lots of Convicts / Hacks / Gangsters / Cabaret Girls (both male and female)