Volunteer @BLT

Where would you like to Volunteer?

Front of House

The House Manager runs all the part of the theatre in front of the curtains! Sign up on the volunteer list of the notice-board. Training will be given and the duties are listed on the cue sheet in the box office. They include unlocking and locking the theatre, welcoming the audience, getting them into the theatre on time and showing them to their seats; liaising with the coffee and bar staff and helping them if needed; being available in the Foyer to help the audience and assist wheelchair members. The House Manager is the Public view of the theatre.

Interested? Contact Sandra Simpson

Programme sales

A welcoming smile as the audience enter the theatre and an offer of a programme often yields a positive response and good programme sales help to pay for the design and printing. Come to the theatre by 6.30 and spend an hour greeting the public!

Interested? Contact Frances Clemmitt


Two people are needed every night to organise and run the coffee. Getting to the theatre to sell coffee tokens and making the refreshments for the cast then preparing enough tea and coffee for the audience and serving them in the short time of the interval is a fine skill!

Interested? Contact June Grice


Two people again are needed each night. The bar needs to be open when the audience arrives (about 6.30) and interval orders should be encouraged to make serving at the interval easier. The cast, crew and the audience also stay behind after the show.

Interested? Contact us admin@boltonlittletheatre.co.uk

Box Office

One person is needed on the box office to sell theatre tickets for the night and take reservation. This usually starts at 6.30 and is open until the end of the interval.

Interested? Contact Frances Clemmitt


No theatre can work without an audience. We are constantly promoting our productions and trying to find new ways and places to get our messages across. We have a newsletter The Prompter, and a busy Facebook page amongst other channels. If you are interested in social media, writing, photography or design, then marketing is eager to here from you.

Interested? Contact David Smart


We sell theatre nights to groups who come for a supper and theatre night. Volunteers serve food and drink and support the organiser.

Interested? Contact Carol Butler

Back stage

Set building or building of scenery takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.30 to 12.00 and on Monday evenings from 7.30 to 9pm. Volunteers can come to any or all of these sessions. Some experience of DIY or painting is useful.